About Us

Nottinghamshire Parent Carer Forum (NPCF) is a charity run by parent carers who represent the views, experiences and ideas of families that live or access services in Nottinghamshire and have a child or young person with an additional need and/or a disability.

We have over 800 members stretching across all parts of Nottinghamshire.

NPCF has a management Steering Group made up of parents and carers from across the County.

Due to the size of Nottinghamshire, we try to have Steering Group members from the four geographic sections that make up the county, these are:

  • North – Bassetlaw
  • South – Gedling, Broxtowe and Rushcliffe
  • East – Newark and Sherwood
  • Central – Ashfield and Mansfield

Steering Group members attend monthly meetings.

They are often also members of local support groups and so they can feedback both their own and the experiences of other parents from their region.

Steering Group members also attend meetings with local and regional service providers ensuring that parents/carer voices are heard.

If you would like to become a Steering Group member look out for when we are recruiting. Or if you would like us to come to a local support group, school or organisation and talk with parents and carers about NPCF please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

NPCF are working together with local and regional providers of education, health and social care services giving parents/ carer views and experiences so that this can inform the planning and delivery of the services they use.


  • A support group
  • Cannot advocate on individual cases (though we absolutely do want to hear your experiences and can raise those with providers of services)
  • Here to fill a gap in service/s
  • Not in the pocket of the LA
  • An information or advice service
  • A protest group
  • In a fight – we will work together with planners, commissioners and providers of services to imagine, design and deliver better services

We are also part of the regional and national network of Parent Carer Forums. There are over 152 other Parent Carers Forums across England which make up a voice that policy makers cannot ignore!

We are currently funded by Contact- for families with disabled children through the Department for Education and we work in partnership with the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF), Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB.