Notts PCF Priorities 2017-Short Breaks

NPH and Short Breaks

Dear Parent Carer,

Some of you may have recently received a letter from the local authority informing you that this year they will be allocating each family 60 hours on the Flexible Short Breaks scheme (FSB).

NPH has been aware that Nottinghamshire County Council were looking at their Short Breaks Offer for some while now and we requested involvement in the review process.

We have also informed the authority of the vital role that Short Breaks have in enabling families to continue their caring roles but also how they ensure that children and young people with SEND and disabilities get to lead ordinary lives. They can experience new activities, develop skills, socialise and have fun just like their non-disabled peers.

A review process is going to take place beginning in the next few months and NPH is extremely keen that all parent carers voices are heard.

In the meantime parent carers can go to Contact a Family website where they have produced an extremely useful document explaining the legal position around Short Breaks and some template letters Contact a Family advice.

Also, as stated by Nottinghamshire County Council in their letter, parents can contact the Integrated Children’s Disability Service (ICDS) on 0115 804 2677 or icds.commissioningteam@nottscc.gov.uk

But I do urge parents to look out for the start of the Short Breaks review, (NPH will publicise it through its website and other social media).

NPH is going to be very actively involved with the Short Breaks review process and so we will make sure that meetings will be set up all across the county so that as many parent carers get the opportunity to have their voices heard. We have also asked that a webinar be used, as it was so successful when Ofsted came to assess the area.

It is clearly vital that there is a strong parent carer voice informing the authority of what an accessible and appropriate Short Breaks package should look like so that it can successfully meet the needs of a wide range of children and their families.

Georgina Palmer