Disabled Children’s Access to Childcare (DCATCH)

Disabled Children’s Access to Childcare (DCATCH)


Temporary Suspension of DCATCH (Home Based)

As I am sure most people are aware, many Councils across the UK are reporting significant financial difficulties. 

Nottinghamshire County Council have a reported budget gap of £54 million and has been looking at places where it can make savings.
Unfortunately these do include looking at services for children with SEND.


One service it is looking at is ‘Disabled Children’s Access to Child Care’ (DCATCH).

This was where funding was given to support parents of disabled children, who wanted to work, or attend vocational training courses and had children with complex health care needs that meant they were unable to access the usual childcare. (In the case of two parent families both parents had to be working to receive DCATCH funding). 
Families who were supported through the project paid towards the cost of childcare at the local rate and then costs over and above those were covered by DCATCH funding.


As of the 10th July 2018,  Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) suspended DCATCH (home based) to new applicants pending a review of its long term future.  

For those families already in receipt of DCATCH (home based) there was to be no change to their package this year and, NCC said that should the decision be taken to cease the provision, this would be achieved over a period of three years to minimise the impact.

Nottinghamshire County Council launched a consultation in November and it closed on 5th December. It presented 3 proposals for DCATCH going forward. As soon as Notts PCF have more information concerning the outcome of the consultation we will share it.

Please direct any questions or queries about DCATCH (home based) to :   sbassessment.review@nottscc.gov.uk


Help with Paying for Childcare

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