Concerning Behaviours Pathway

The Nottinghamshire County Concerning Behaviours Pathway is a multi-agency pathway (sometimes described as a way of working) which brings health, social care, education and voluntary sector services together to support children, young people and their families. 

Its aim is to ensure that the right support is available to you and your child, at the right time and in the right place.

What is concerning behaviour?

There is no definition or diagnosis of concerning behaviour. Behaviour/need that is concerning can arise for many different reasons. These can be social, emotional, medical or a combination of all or any of these factors. 

Who is the pathway for?

The pathway is for all children and young people who are registered with an NHS Nottinghamshire County GP (and their families) who have behaviours that are causing concern to them, to their family, or that have been identified by someone working with them e.g. a Teacher, Nursery Nurse or Health Visitor. The pathway supports children and young people 0-19 and up to their 25th birthday where an Education and Health Care plan (EHC) is in place.

How do I access the pathway?

The pathway, with your consent, can be initiated by a GP or any professional working with your child such as a school teacher. You can also request to either of these that the pathway is initiated. 

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Concerning Behaviours Pathway Video